Gujrat is in a state of turmoil with the recent mass-attacks aimed at daily wage workers hailing from Bihar and UP. The most heavily effected sectors are the various industries, real estate sector and factories that mostly employ this work force. This issue was escalated after the alleged rape of a minor which left this labouring community towards this migration away from their respective jobs.

Some miscreant who sparked the attack on migrant workers from Bihar , Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal are quite alarming for the Gujarat state considering the fact that there is a marked increase in labour from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal to other parts of India for their livelihood. Isn’t the local governing body accountable for their safety and security or they only need their services ?

Especially in industrial cities where the demand of industrial worker and with rapid growth in construction industry pulls the migrant worker far away parts of the country .This mass Exodus has deflated the small scale industries of Gujarat heavily and its impact would be reflected at local markets during festive season simultaneously it would tarnish the image of Gujarat state being the safest place to do business and it will have negative impact on vibrant summit too.

The Gujarat state Home Minister alleges the opposition party behind this mass Exodus as conspiracy . However it’s the duty of respective state government to ensure their safety and also weed out elements, if any, among them found to be indulging in illegal or miscreant acts. But most importantly  Uttar Pradesh ,Bihar and West Bengal State government should now seriously introspect and ensure suitable job opportunities for their obvious huge number of unemployed youth rather than baking their bun for Political opportunities before it turns out to be political Battleground.

However the Gujarat State Human Right Commission issued notices to chief secretary JL Singh and Director General of Police Shivanand Jha seeking reports on the attacks and the exodus of Hindi speaking migrant workers.

Nevertheless, it is highly necessary and a high-time for the nation to take note that beyond the barriers of caste, region, language and religion, we are but one country. The differences amongst us is our strong point and should not be seen as a demerit. I further wish to add that we, as the citizen should not be too influenced by the forces or political parties that try to divide us, and should not become puppets in their schemes of power pursuit.

The opinions expressed in this article are of the editor alone and are not binding as the opinions of Jan Akhbaar as a whole.


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