18 Indian fishermen arrested in foreign waters

Karachi: Pakistani maritime services have arrested as many as 18 Indian fishermen for allegedly fishing in their territorial waters, an official stated. The Indian fishermen were arrested on Tuesday by the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA). They will be brought before a magistrate judge on Thursday by the Docks police, the source informed.

Pakistan and India often more than not, arrest each other’s fishermen who inadvertently enter into their territory. They languish in jails and are set free on occasions.

Two boats of the Indian fishermen were seized. They are now a part of hundreds of other Indian fishermen lodged in Karachi jails. They will get a release either on completion of sentences or through any goodwill gesture if announced by the Pakistani government. On August 14, the Pakistan government had released 26 Indian fishermen in Karachi on their nation’s Independence Day as a gesture of goodwill .


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